Vom 24. bis 26. September findet in Berlin KOOK.MONO statt, eine Veranstaltungsreihe, die neue, performative Formate für literarische Texte schafft. Autor*innen, die dort auftreten, denken bei uns im Blog über ihr Schreiben nach. (Hier die Website zur Reihe.) Most poetry is written to be read quietly. Some poetry is written to be read quietly and sometimes gets read out loud in front of a community of people. Sometimes poetry is written, where this reading out loud is part of the way it is written. Where the text becomes a kind of performative score, the skeleton of something larger. More and more writers think beyond what happens on the page. They think physically, performatively, theatrically, conceptually, visually, architecturally, anatomically, musically. (mehr …)